Ester Shorer

Ester Shorer is a member of Kibbuz Nir David in the Valley of Springs, and has worked in the educational system for the last 40 years as a kindergarten teacher, a preschool teacher, immigrant teacher, a special education teacher for children on the autistic spectrum. In addition, Ester was an actress at the Homa and Migdal Museum and at the Archeological Museum featuring the kibbutz in its historic days. Retired this year, she has 3 children and 4 grandchildren, and is very proud of her family. For many years, Ester was involved as a volunteer in many social, cultural and community events on the kibbutz and in the valley. Ester combines different kinds of art, and during the last few years creates mandalas and intuitive painting. She collects hats, plates, dreidles, elephants, masks and performs in a hat performance. Ester participated in the Community Builders program and visited Cleveland at the end of the course. For many years she has been creating contents for Jewish holidays and ceremonies emphasizing family and tradition in a modern way. She is curious to visit new places, and travels around Israel and abroad to meet different cultures and become familiar with customs and opinions. This led to a visit in Uman in the Ukraine, and nowadays Ester gives lectures on the experiences there.

Motto: To accept, respect, connect and find things in common.