Janet Century

For more than 30 years, Janet Century, photographer, has helped clients tell stories. From grip-and-grins, compelling portraits and on-the-fly walk-alongs to a fly-on-the-wall approach, her work has appeared in all of Cleveland’s top publications as well as national venues. She has photographed diverse people in many different environments, from the street to the C-Suite using a strong journalistic approach to capture the essence and details of an event or the message to be communicated. Janet works intuitively, focusing on capturing the moment and incorporating magical light into a compelling composition both in the assignment and

fine-art photography realms.

Janet is also the recipient of numerous awards for her photography entries over the years including the Photography Prize at the CMA May Show, Black & White Spider Awards and Women in Photography International. She aspires to continue to create photos and produce videos that enlighten and make a difference. Check out http://www.JanetCentury.com web-site and YouTube Channel http://bit.ly/JanetCenturyYouTube.