Yana Brook

My name is Yana Brook and in one word there’s no way to describe what I do. I’m a CEO & Founder of International Educational Dance Company DANCEGURU. I’m an educator, entrepreneur, choreographer, dancer, sportswoman, researcher, innovator and more.

I’m a graduate of St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Philosophy, Cultural Studies & TaNaH. In 2009-10 I was studying in warm Israel, at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Humanities & Rothberg School. I passed PTOR (Hebrew final exam), took a course for Hebrew teachers by JAFI and Academy of the Hebrew Language. For a few years I was teaching at JAFI Ulpan, since 2010 I teach privately.

I’ve been dancing for my whole life, especially since 12. For a big part of my life I’ve been dancing at a local Jewish Dance Group called “Eve”, one of the best in Russia those days. I research Israeli and Jewish dance, teach about Israel via dance, create new cool horah dances. I teach teachers of Israeli & Jewish dance of FSU.

In 2007 I graduated from a school for Informal Jewish Educators and since then have been working in camps in Russia and Israel. For years i worked for JAFI, as projects leader, created dance performances, was a head of an Informal Education Department for Students.

Since 2011 I’m a part of the Global Jewish Community. Finished a Business Incubator in Sweden (Paideia), became an ROIer, founded Moishe House St. Petersburg in 2013.

In 2013 I founded International Educational Dance Company DANCEGURU. Since than it is my main business. But even here the variety still exists – inside of DANCEGURU there are many programs and projects that are so different. Some of them – educational art project [moving poetry] (poetry + dance), brand new sport – Atrutos, academic dance programs teaching about Israel via dance…

I’m very glad I’m a part of Jewish ArtLab. For (many) years of my work in St. Petersburg Jewish Community I haven’t noticed, unfortunately, a big interest in creating art. Education, Leadership, Charity, Hasbara – all that exists & it’s great, but there was no place for art. Now such project exists and I hope it is a first one & there will be many more in the future.
I’m thrilled to be one of the first participants, accompanied by such talented and beautiful Fellows.